Selfcare Mum Offerings


Instructor: Shiva Cor (Coral-Lei Jane)

DATE: MONDAY JULY 15, 22, 29 and AUGUST 5, 12, 19
6 classes in total
TIME: 10:30 - 11:45
WHERE: K.I.N. Outdoor Learning
ADDRESS: 18518 - 24th AVE
COST: $21 Drop in or $105 Package of 6 classes, includes 1 class FREE

What is Yin Yoga? This 75 minute Yin Yoga class involves a relaxed practice of floor postures that are held from three to five minutes at a time. There are fewer postures, called asanas, in the yin style of yoga, as are found in more active (yang) styles where there are approximately three dozen poses. In a 75 minutes yin class you can expect to do an average of 6-10 poses. Yin yoga is open to all levels of students, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Why Trigger Points with Yin Yoga? I've been working with people to help release trigger points for many years. Exercise following a trigger point treatment is a no no. The reason is obvious. When a knotted tissue is just released what it really needs is a good long break. It's imperative to not send the muscle back into its contracted state. There needs to be caution when doing this style of yoga. An eager student pushing too hard and too fast can prevent the blissful release, and even create potential injury. Remember, that yin means no movement or muscle use, which is opposite to yang, where there is need for muscle contractions. To truly feel the benefits of a yin yoga one needs to slow down and feel the gentle stretch that occurs naturally with no push. The benefit of Yin Yoga is the connection to lengthen ligaments, tendons, and the well needed fascia. When we think of stretching we think we need to be feeling the deep stretch. The danger with too much sensation is the issue here. The potential damage is to the now open and ready tissue for a great stretch. Take it easy in Yin Yoga. Injury can happen quickly and may take awhile to recover from. Go slow with a gentle stretch and you'll win every time!

Coral-Lei Jane Schweigert, BHK, RYTPracticing Kinesiologist & Registered Yoga Teacher• Director of Healing Consciously
• Kinesiologist from UBC (2000)
• Exercise Specialist/ Exercise Science• Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C #100459466
• Yoga Teacher since 2010• Registered Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Alliance (2014)
• Trigger Point Massage Bodywork (Deep Tissue since 2002)
• Emotional Healer of Transvocal Revelations in Healing (since 2002)
• Yogi Practitioner since 1999
• Former ACE and BCRPA Personal Trainer (1994) (Shiva Cor still trains one-on-one, now with Yoga)